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klik voor Nederlands Art painting and arts gallery @

What can you find on

  • This website offers a limited overview of the Art collection from the hand of Stefaan Goethals. It gives you a total impression of the artist and not only his recent work.
  • The upper right 3 pictures bring you to 3 different art collections. Here you will find works from each period in a cronological order &nd also acts as an archive.

  • The latest projects.

Here we will announce the latest changes, if you have visited us before, have a look at this page first.


  • ...

What's new?

Artistic projects:

On this page you can see some pictures from the most recent art works from actual projects.

Artistic projects are build around creativity and nature.

click art work to see it biggerArtist Stefaan Goethals at home:

The main motivation and drive of the artist is the "Hartistic" lifestyle.



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