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  • Municipal Academy for Beautiful Arts, Ieper Belgium

  • Certificate of Higher Art Education (Division ‘Art painting’)

  • Art painting, figure- and observation drawing and Art history.

  • Certificate of Higher Art Education, Final degree.

  • Art painting and Art history - Esthetics

The work of Stefan Goethals is in the first place characterized by its originality.
Stefaan expresses very strongly with consummate skill. He offers his work an enormous capacity of evocation. The work’s mission is to express the “Heartistic”.

In the second place this artist distinguishes himself by his diversity. Different techniques and materials are used in his work: pencil, charcoal and brushed drawings in Indian ink, aquarelles, oil and acryl paint on canvas...
Very remarkable and original are his collage technics.

Besides this, three themes can be marked in the artist’s work: the landscape, the naked and the portrait. Like a thread through these themes are the references to the five primal forces:
Earth, water, air, fire and the cosmos.

Mostly the work is done in series:
In the last few years the currenting design of water, the flowing, the changing element, as a symbol of life’s power were performing.
We can also mark the luminous canvases which describe the impervious light.
The beauty of the female body remains a source of inspiration for the artist. Stefaan doesn’t conceal his admiration for the human body.
The naked portraits made of substantial line patterns, alternated by vibrating lines of aquarelle paintings, the use of pencil and charcoal ... demonstrate us the fragility of the human body in its pure expression.

Certain artistic creations of Stefaan can’t deny their origin. His wandering in Southern France and the Flemish Heuvelland, with their astonishing nature and their peace and quiet gave him the power and fresh fuel to create theHeartisticArt.

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